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Dylan is a career and leadership coach who is launching a new website. He got in touch with me through a past client of mine, and I knew if they were friends, he and I would get along famously. There was a lot of discussion around mood, colours, and style. I wanted to make sure we got the look just right… professional, but more casual. He also has some great tattoos that I wanted to show off. I made suggestions around what to wear and what to bring, and when the shoot day rolled around, we were ready! Now he has a bank of images that match his personal brand style, and he can use them on his site, on social platforms, and anytime he does speaking engagements.

Here is what he had to say about the process:

“Rebecca came highly recommended to me when I was looking for someone to do headshots for a website. I am not one who likes to be in front of the camera so the thought of it made me quite uncomfortable. Rebecca completely made the whole process easy. She is warm and friendly and made the process fun and light. I spent about 1.5 hours with her and at no point did my anxiety about having photos done appear. She was amazing at keeping the process light. On top of that, the photos she took were amazing. Again keeping in mind that I hate having my photo taken, she did such amazing work that it was a struggle to come up with the handful of photos I needed because I liked them all. When I need photos again I’ll absolutely be going back to Rebecca. At this point, after this experience, I’d never go anywhere else.”

Halifax professional headshots
Business headshot photographer
Personal branding photoshoot
Casual business headshot
Halifax hadshots photography

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