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I am college educated in photography, and have been capturing sweet families, beautiful mamas, and tiny newborns since 2001.


I am a maker at heart. In addition to photography, you'll find me knitting, crocheting, sewing, and baking... but I hate making meals!


I LOVE artisanal coffee. I'm talking espresso drinks, moka pots, and pour overs. The ritual of crafting a good cuppa is almost as good as the beverage itself!

Self portrait, fall 2020.

Rebecca Clarke Studio

The studio

Sandwick Drive, Hammonds Plains

We are located near Glen Arbour Golf Club and McCabe Lake in Hammonds Plains. My comfortable home studio is on a 2.5 acre private lot with lots of shade. In it's former life, it was a garage. It's now a warm and cozy finished space, filled with tiny outfits, hat, wraps, and props.


Spend some time lounging on the sofa pouring over your images on the big digital projection screen, and touch and feel product samples before committing to purchase. There are lots of ways to preserve your images in print. Don't worry - I'll walk you through everything and make recommendations based on your style, taste, and home décor.




Why I became a photographer

This is my dad. My hero, my mentor, and one of my career inspirations. He comes from hard-working people. He’s a provider. I love him for his strength, his perseverance, and his love for his family.
I’m his only daughter.

Ironically, he’s not overly fond of the lens, so there are very few photos of him in existence, save the ones I’ve secretly snapped when he hasn’t been watching, which isn’t often. It remains my personal mission to make a record of my dad, not for him, but for us.


Someday, printed photographs will be the tangible legacy of our family’s memories. They’re precious cargo. Snap that shutter today, or commission me to photograph your family’s most special moments. They will be glad you did.


- Rebecca

Secret cell phone snap of my dad, circa 2011.


Rebecca Clarke Emotive Photographer

Sandwick Drive, Hammonds Plains
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