Unique family photo location Halifax

M told me how her husband recently took their kids to the frog pond near my house (we live in the same neighbourhood).  I just knew they would be the prefect family for this adventure. The frog pond skirts the edge of a power line cut that veers off while a trail through the woods keeps going.

We met right by the entrance – I could have walked there from my house – and headed off down the trail. Along the way we searched for flowers and little treasures. One of the things they like doing together is keeping an eye out for rocks with heart shapes in them. Big Sister collects them. Wouldn’t you know, we found a perfect one!

The evening was filled with big belly laughs, bear hugs, and shoulder rides. I couldn’t stop laughing, and I left feeling happy and with a full heart. How great are these memories going to be for this family? We perfectly captured their connection.

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