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If you have tried taking pictures of your kids before and it didn’t go well, odds are the approach threw them off, not the camera. The thing is, the more pressure you put on them to sit still, stop running around, and smile for the camera, the more frustrating it becomes for everyone involved. Here’s I like to do instead that will make things way more fun for them and you!

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Setting expectations is key, but not in the way you think. You don’t have to prep them to “Makes sure they have their listening ears on” or “Be good and you will get a treat afterward”. Tell your kids where you are going and that you are going to meet a new friend who is going to play with you and take some pictures of you all having fun together. Make sure to emphasize play! We might do thinks like put our arms out like airplane wings and zoom around, have the kids tickle mom and dad, or ask mom and dad to tell each kid something they are proud of them for. We want to play their favourite games, so feel free to make suggestions.

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Kids pickup on your energy, so keep yourself calm, and keep the pressure low. I’m totally ok with letting kids do their own thing for a few minutes, or pausing for a snack (nothing messy). You would be surprised how much mileage you get out of a 5 minute break.

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Kids love to play, so play with them and you will get great photos full of love and laughter. Be less concerned with “Perfect” and be happy with “Real”. It’s a simple shift that takes the pressure off you and them, and your family photos might just be perfect after all.

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