3 questions to ask your Wedding Venue

…that you won’t find on most similar lists

Guest Post by Tina Lesyk of Pineapple Eventworks.

The Westin Nova Scotian Hotel, Halifax

If you are reading this, you’re likely engaged (Congrats!), helping a recently engaged loved one plan their special day, or are hoping that your loved one will ask you in the near future. You don’t need a ring to envision your dream wedding, but it helps to have some guidelines to help you with your planning.

Picking your venue and asking the right questions is so important when taking your dream wedding from a vision into a reality. Maybe you are considering a traditional hotel or a unique venue like a barn that transforms from a market by day to a romantic venue by night. There are so many creative options to choose from when setting the location of you wedding venue. Regardless of where your wedding takes place, be sure to have a list of questions ready when you are meeting with vendors. This will help eliminate unpleasant surprises down the road, and will help you pull together all the little details that will bring your vision to life.

Here are just 3 of the many questions to consider asking your wedding venue that you won’t find on most similar lists.

Lighting – you want to ensure that the lighting is just as you want it. You may want to ask the following:

1. What kind of lighting does the venue have?
2. Are the lights on dimmers?
3. Where are the fixtures positioned? You may want to take this into consideration when setting up your guest book.

Interactive Guest Book, Pier 21, Halifax

Ask to see the lighting options for yourself. This is not a deal breaker question but certainly something you want to be aware of while planning. Your photographer will also appreciate that you took these points into consideration.

If you are planning an outdoor ceremony, where will the sun be at that time? You and your groom want to see each other with open eyes when you make a vow to each other, as do your guests who do not want to be squinting from sunshine.

Observation Deck, Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Halifax

Does the venue provide linens and if so what size and shape are they? Do the linens fit the tables the way you are picturing them to? For example: do they reach the floor and are they round or square?

These few questions only begin to scratch the surface of things to consider when you are choosing a venue for your wedding. Each couple will have a different list of priorities of what is most important for their ideal wedding venue.

Comfort Hotel, Bayer’s Lake.

Tina Lesyk is the founder of Pineapple Eventworks. They are no strangers to being involved in weddings. Not only does Pineapple Eventworks provide you with servers and bartenders to help on your wedding day, they also offer day/month of coordination services. With over 10 years’ experience in the wedding industry, you can count on us to look after all the details.

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