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Why I became a photographer

Portrait of DadThis is my dad. My hero, my mentor, and one of my career inspirations. He comes from hard-working people. He’s a provider. I love him for his strength, his perseverance, and his love for his family. I’m his only daughter.

Ironically, he’s not overly fond of the lens, so there are very few photos of him in existence, save the ones I’ve secretly snapped when he hasn’t been watching, which isn’t often. He’s a quick one. Someday, photos will be the tangible legacy of our family’s memories. They’re precious cargo. Snap that shutter today, or commission me to photograph your family’s most special moments. They will be glad you did.
Portrait of Rebecca

Working with me

All of the work you see on this site, I’ve had the pleasure of co-creating over the past 10+ years with brides, engaged couples, families, tiny newborns, and business professionals in the Halifax and surrounding areas of Nova Scotia.

Ever since I first watched a print developing in a black and white darkroom in 2000, I’ve been taken by the power and loveliness of what a photograph can do. Beyond that, I’ve reveled in making every photo session I do a highly personal, positive, relaxing, and joyful experience for my clients. It’s usually not long before we’re giggling together over your baby’s silly expression or I’m letting you know how enchanting you look on the other side of the lens. In fact, I love turning the camera around and giving you a sneak peek of a really delicious shot or two while we’re in session. That’s the good stuff.

To make sure that you get the perfect session time, be sure to call 3 to 4 weeks in advance for portraits, and 1 year to 18 months in advance for weddings.

I travel worldwide, but primarily in Nova Scotia and Cape Breton, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick.