Newborn Session Tips

Newborn Session Tips

Before I Arrive

We will get the best images when your baby is sleepy and full. Please plan on feeding your baby close to my arrival time, either right before or during my set up. I’ve found that it is easiest if you loosen his/her diaper and wrap the baby in a blanket (instead of clothing) for this feeding. That way we won’t have to disturb your baby with undressing before we start. It is also important that the thermostat is turned up to at least 25 degrees Celsius. Although I will bring a heater, your baby is usually more relaxed when the whole house is warm since we will be moving around for feedings, etc.


When I arrive, I will make a few trips to the car to bring in all my goodies. With me I will have: a bean bag, a backdrop stand, a bunch of blankets, a basket or two, a space heater, a bag of wraps/headbands/hats, and my camera equipment. I try to be as non-intrusive as possible but there are times I may have to move a few chairs or a coffee table to find the best lighting conditions in your home.

Newborn setup

During the Session

Since the baby will spend a lot of time undressed, we will most likely have an accident or two. It’s totally ok! I use a waterproof layer in between each of my set ups so only one blanket gets soiled if that happens. Please also expect plenty of breaks for feeding and cuddling. You may need to feed your baby more often than you’ve become accustomed to since we might disturb baby’s sleep with posing and that is the quickest and most effective way to get baby back to sleep.

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