The Walkers new arrival | Halifax newborn photography

The Walker family have been answering a lot of questions about who baby Clara was named for. If you are a Doctor Who television show fan, your mind may immediately jump to The Doctor’s current companion Clara Oswald, but Angela and Brian assured me that they had the named picked out way before the show introduced the character. In fact, it was on the short list for big sister Meghan when they were choosing names for her.

In any case, this sweet almost new baby is perfect, and growing like crazy. At almost 20 days old in these images, she has already changed so much from when she was new to the world. She will be getting into things with Meghan in no time!

Newborn photography

Walker Newborn in Halifax by Rebecca Clarke

Halifax Newborn Photographer

Halifax Newborn Photography

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  • Angela WalkerSeptember 29, 2015 - 10:02 PM

    These are fantastic! We had so much fun with you. Meghan asked, “Where that Rebecca?” after you left – so cute. I’m really excited to see the rest!